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This Is Why I Ride

There are so many people that continually ask me, 'Why do you put your life at risk by riding a bicycle?' Well, I'm guessing they think there's too much to lose and very little to gain? It really is difficult to explain, but here is one story that deserves to be told:

The past few weeks had been really tough. From learning to live alone, juggling between a handful of different professional hats, to the anxiety of the recent pandemic, up to the constant pressure of producing results to keeping life's ball rolling. Add coming home to an empty apartment every night, and you kinda see a picture of what life is when you undergo 'adulting'.

It's so easy to get lulled in the daily events of life that we sometimes feel numb to really feel alive. This I think is the reason why we sometimes get 'blindsided' when a spark of joy, truth and love surprises us and make us feel alive.

When times get tough, I pray, I ride my bike, climb a mountain, listen to music, and I let my soul loose. I then feel freedom in its penultimate level.. and then I feel alive. If I get the chance, I visit my mom's grave and the feeling is so different that there is nothing this breakfast of champions can never EVER take away.

My mentor once told me, discomfort is the only way to growth.. enjoy the journey. I know now why I ride bikes. This is why I ride. This is why I am alive.


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 CYCLISM Manila Blog Post: This Is Why I Ride

Michael Manago

Michael Manago

Bicycle fanatic living in Manila